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See the Process

Step 1 - Use exceptional ingredients

Pure cane sugar, dairy butter, lots of fresh roasted nuts (almost ½ pound in every one pound bag) and fine milk chocolate are all critical ingredients in a good toffee. Craftmade Toffee has spent years testing and selecting materials from the best suppliers to produce an extremely high quality end product. It is our firm belief that everything matters.

Step 2 - Control the process

Sequence, timing and process control are central to the production of our high quality products. With a strict dedication to truly handmade processes, the most sophisticated piece of equipment in use in our kitchen is a thermometer and silicone spatula. We believe skill produces the best product quality, not high tech equipment.

Step 3 – Protect the product

As soon as toffee cools, its taste and texture begin to be affected by temperature and humidity. Within one hour of cooking, our toffee is coated with chocolate and moved into a controlled environment to allow the chocolate to harden, and protect it from the elements. This is our way to ensure the finished product will have all the best qualities of an exceptional toffee.

Step 4 - Break and Package by Hand

This is a time consuming step, and is completed with minimal contact to the heat from human hands, which can affect the toffee's appearance. Sealed in an air tight and lightproof foil bag, you are assured to receive a product that will be as close to fresh as can be achieved. There are usually a few pieces that are a bit too big and we include some extra bits of broken toffee, chocolate and nuts that are great on ice cream, and if no one is looking, on your morning cereal or oatmeal!