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100 Favorite Dishes: No. 54, Craftmade almond toffee

Pretty much the best toffee ever

We like our sweets with a little bit of salt. The addictive toffee made locally by Steve Kippels at Craftmade Toffee in St. Paul are sweet nuggets of post-meal perfection. Chocolate, nuts, and butter are melded into a bite that is so much better than your average confection.

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Midwest Living - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

We tried several flavors of Minnesotan Steve Kippels’ toffee, including one studded with caramel corn. All delish, but it’s hard to beat a perfectly executed classic: almond with dark chocolate. From $12 for 8 ounces; 10% off with code: ml10. (952) 807-3724; craftmadetoffee.com

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Twin Cities Business -
Epicurean Delights: A Delicious Gift Guide

Toffee is a holiday crowd pleaser, and Steve Kippels' toffee takes the cake—the guy has been making toffee for more than 50 years. Craftmade Toffee delivers on the expected taste, without all the work of actually making it. Perfect for: anyone with a sweet tooth, especially someone willing to share. $12 for a half-pound; double that for full pound.

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MinnPost -
Minnesota is a sweet spot for candy makers

Sugar Sugar candy shop on Grand Avenue in Minneapolis sells B. T. McElrath, Sweet Jules, and other boutique candies such as Craftmade Toffee and Mademoiselle Miel, which makes honey bonbons made with fresh honey collected from rooftop apiaries, including one on the Foshay Tower.

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Minnesota Monthly - TC Taste

Craftmade toffee-maker Steve Kippels sent me samples of a few new flavors he's developed: Almond Toffee with Vanilla Latte Chocolate, Almond Toffee with Chai Spiced White Chocolate and, the most daring sounding, Coconut Toffee with Thai Chili Lime Chocolate. The Latte is great—it has a subtle coffee flavor and white chocolate speckled with vanilla bean—as is the chai, which is robust with cardamom and clove. But the sleeper hit is the Thai-style toffee, which has a lot going on: tropical coconut layered with a salty-savoriness, a kick of heat, and punch of lime that'll get your salivary glands going.

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Vita.mn - Toffee with a Twist

Steve Kippels learned how to make toffee in his mother's kitchen in the 1950s, and as the years passed, he was producing up to 400 pounds of it a year, gifting grateful friends, family, customers and colleagues. "It sort of got out of control," Kippels said with a laugh. "That's when friends started saying, 'You should make this and sell it.'" And so he did, launching Craftmade Toffee last year. In what has to be a bewitchingly fragrant St. Paul facility, Kippels painstakingly prepares seven tempting varieties -- from basics like almond/milk chocolate and pecan/dark chocolate, to cashew toffee with chai-spiced white chocolate and peanut-coconut toffee with lime- and chile pepper-infused white chocolate.

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CBS Minnesota - DeRusha Eats: Candy For Adults

Craftmade Toffee's St. Paul maker initials every bag, and it tastes almost like caramel corn.

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Minnesota Monthly - Halloween Grows Up

Milk chocolate tops buttery toffee studded with Mexican quicos, or corn nuts, which gives the effect of a robust, salt-spiked caramel corn.

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Minnesota Monthly -
Last-Minute Local Food Holiday Gifts

This just arrived in the office—looks like somebody's father-in-law will be making out quite nicely this year. If you haven't yet ordered your Northern Waters Smokehaus smoked fish, smoked meats, and salumi you may need to make a trip to Duluth. Here are a few quick ideas, alcoholic and sweet, for last-minute holiday shopping.

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